Solar Carport – A Viable Alternative to Rooftop Solar

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An existing roof design or surface may prohibit rooftop solar power installation at your home. A solar carport may be the answer for homeowner whose home is not suited to accommodate a rooftop solar power installation. Solar carports are modular or can be customised to blend in with the general aesthetics. They can also make a statement in the artistic, out-front display of your home.

Traditional solar panels are not meant to be seen from below, but designers have been working recently to change that. The challenge is to integrate the solar panel characteristics into the overall design to create a showpiece that is both functional and looks good. There are also transparent or coloured Photovoltaic glass options available to compliment overall design.  The installation a lot less complicated than traditional rooftop solar. It is quick and simple without any major disruption to the daily household activities. The added bonus is additional shading for your cars.

A single carport can accommodate up to twelve 250Watt panels generating 3Kilowatts of power. A decent size double carport will accommodate double that producing up to 6Kilowatts of power. This is enough to power the essential energy demand points of your home (not your underfloor heating, conventional geyser or dated kettle). The inverter and optional battery bank can be conveniently installed in the nearby garage – usually where the Distribution Board (DB Board) is located. This means that the installation does not intrude into the house from the roof – a common route for rooftop installations. The structure options include wood, steel or recycled composite framework which can be design integrated.

Solar carports turn clean energy into an accessory in the form of a functional showpiece. In addition, as electric cars become more popular, the solar carport option brings an eco-friendly battery charging function into an easy plug n’ play scenario from the convenience of your home. Why don’t we see more solar carports in SA?

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