Silent Wind Turbine For The Home Can Take You Off Grid

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  • The uptake of residential wind turbines in South Africa has been slow but globally the use of wind turbines in households is becoming more and more popular.
  • The main gripe is the lack of wind consistency for sustained power production and the noise factor (which can get pretty annoying).
  • Trust the Dutch, who have a reputation of producing energy from wind to come up with a high performing silent wind turbine.
The unique product has been developed by Dutch renewable energy start-up, The Archimedes. Their Liam F1 turbine is a game changer.

It comprises of three circular blades which are wrapped around one another and then expanded. This creates a three-dimensional conical turbine, similar to elongated shells found on the beach. The special design ensures that wind is drawn into the turbine. The average yield is many times higher compared to a normal urban windmill propeller.

The Liam F1 will be able to generate 1,500 kWh of energy per year and can be installed on the rooftop of a house. The system can also be integrated with a solar power system and battery bank to provide base load power at all times of the day. A Household could practically be off grid with such a hybrid system.

Link to the supplier in The Netherlands HERE

Hopefully it will be available for the African market soon.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


We are digital publishers and do not supply wind turbines or install solar or wind systems.Here is a link to important facts which must be considered when deciding to install a wind turbine in South Africa:

We hope the info guides you well in your decision making. 




  1. Osiriame Edeipo on

    Can you send me the cost of this turbine and what are the prospects of becoming one of your distributor. Many thanks.

  2. Chris du Plessis on

    I am interested in a system like this and would like to know if it can be expanded to supply a complex and possible cost

  3. Please provide quote and if the system will be able to link into a hybrid system with lithium batteries to go off the grid in the western cape south africa

  4. Belinda Dyck on

    Hi, it looks like an interesting installation. What would it cost and is it available in Cape Town?

    • Do you have representation in South Africa, I reside in Cape Town SA Nedd some professional advise relative to Caoe Town SA. Alkready have installed system with battery back. Lots of wind our end.

  5. At US$5,000 (+/- R100,000) a unit producing just 4kW of power per day, assuming the wind is blowing, without courier, import duties and other factors you might well be looking at $6-7k per unit? R140-150k before you even add inverter, batteries, cabling and installation. Compare that to 2 or more 500W panels which will produce around the same amount per day at well more than half the price.

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