Load Control Unit (Relay or Timer) For Geysers

Fitting a Relay Timer to your geyser is a cheap, quick and easy way to regulate the amount of electricity directed to your geyser. The device allows your geyser to operate more efficiently by turning it off during the periods of the day when hot water is not required and then switching it on for peak hot water demand periods.  A relay timer or load control unit can be customised according to your own home lifestyle needs by simple programming.

What you need to know:

  • This energy saving option can be used on your existing geyser
  • A saving of up to 60% of your geyser energy consumption is achievable depending on your hot water usage and up to 25% savings on your overall electricity bill
  • Expect to pay between R500 and up to R2000.00 for the device (excluding fitting)
  • Payback period:  between 6 to 12 months depending on which device is purchased
  • Incentive – Yes! Eskom currently runs a residential load management campaign in order to reduce geyser energy consumption through load control. This energy saving initiative is free. The unit is paid for by NERSA (National Energy Regulator of Southern Africa) and Eskom. At the moment, local municipalities are only rolling out the program in high-consumption residential areas. You cannot apply for a unit individually as there are priority areas that are identified by your local municipality. You will be contacted if your area is considered to have high energy consumption
  • Nothing stops you from having your own load control unit (relay) installed if you live outside of the high energy consumption areas
  • Green Your Home and Geyserwise are currently running a special offer on a control unit with installation

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