Load Control Unit (Relay or Timer)

The cheap, quick & easy way to regulate electricity

If you are using a standard geyser (hot water tank) to supply hot water needs to your building, then consider installing a Relay Timer. It is a cheap, quick and easy way to regulate the amount of electricity directed to your building hot water tank or geyser. The device allows your hot water tank to operate more efficiently by turning it off during the periods of the day or weekends when hot water is not required and then switching it on for peak hot water demand periods.

A relay timer or load control unit as it is sometimes called can be customised according to your own building needs by simple programming. There are devices available on the market that can regulate multiple hot water tanks from a remote location. See the Green Building Africa Special Offers.

Useful Information

Fitment to Your Geyser

This energy saving option can be fitted directly to your existing hot water tank.

Energy Consumption Savings

A saving of up to 60% of your geyser energy consumption is achievable depending on your hot water usage and up to 25% savings on your overall electricity bill.

Average Load Control Unit Pricing

Expect to pay between R500 and up to R2000.00 (South African rands) for the device (excluding fitting)

Return On Investment

Payback period: between 6 to 12 months depending on cost of the device and the amount of hot water consumption.

Incentives (South Africa Only)

Through their ‘Integrated Demand Management (IDM)’ programme, Eskom makes funds available to its clients in support of reduced energy demand or consumption. There are a number of different subsidised funding options. The geyser control unit can fall into a rebate incentive scheme that best suites the type of building operation you run.

Relay Timer Uses

The relay timer can also be used in conjunction with other energy saving technologies like solar water heating.

Satellite Monitoring

Latest models also include remote energy management of multiple hot water tanks/geysers offering multi-function management via satellite monitoring.

Our Specials

Green Building Africa and Geyserwise are currently running a special offer on a control unit with installation.

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