Wind Turbines

Let the wind power your business

Wind power is not new. Around 1600, many new industrial applications of windmills appeared – sawmills, paper mills, mustard mills and tobacco mills. These days we concern ourselves with energy use and the constant increases in energy prices. A viable alternative to reducing dependence on traditional electricity supply is wind turbines. By installing and connecting a wind turbine to your existing electricity distribution system, you can reduce energy consumption used to power your lighting, appliances, equipment, and heating systems in your hotel, lodge, B&B or guest house. As wind is inconsistent, your existing grid makes up the shortfall when needed.

Some food for thought: wind behaves in interesting ways. One of them is known as ‘the roof effect’. This refers to wind colliding with a pitched roof with the result that when the free moving wind is suddenly stopped by a roof, the wind is compressed to some extent, which results in it being accelerated by up to several times as it passes over the obstructing roof. This phenomenon results in wind at the ridge peak of a pitched roof travelling at up to 3 times the speed of nearby uninterrupted wind. There are wind turbines available to harness this phenomenon.

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