About Us

Green Building Africa is a successful B to B digital publication that services the renewable energy, high performance building and infrastructure sectors in South Africa plus the rest of the continent. 

Our quality lies in our honest and direct approach to our editorial content. We make sure it is contemporary and resonates with our audience who are business owners, IPP’s, EPC’s, renewable energy professionals, investors, infrastructure contractors, architects, property developers, builders, civil and water engineers, painting contractors, plumbers, electricians, urban planners and public sector representatives.

We drive our advertisers messages through contemporary news content. We are native to the core.

We enjoy above average traffic (over 3 million page visits a year). We have an established following on our Facebook page (104000+) plus 38500 + industry professionals following on LinkedIn. We also use the other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to boost our articles.

We do not allow pesky Google AdSense ads to compromise our visitor experience.

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