Heat Pump Pool Heating

Be in complete control of your pool temperature

Heat pumps are not only designed to provide hot water for use in buildings but can also be used to heat a swimming pool more efficiently. The system uses the surrounding air (ambient air) and transfers heat to the swimming pool water by means of a heat exchanger. The system offers the opportunity for guest to swim year round because it does not rely on the sun’s rays.

Useful Information

Alternative Uses For The Heat Pump

It can also be used to cool the pool

Relatively Year Round Usage

A heat pump uses ambient air to operate causing no air pollution.

Energy Consumption Savings

A 70% reduction in energy savings for heating water.

Payback Period

Between 18-24 months


Most suppliers offer a 5 year warranty with a SABS stamp of approval. Be sure to ask for one!

System Life Span & Performance

The system typically has a ten year lifespan.

Noise Levels (During Operation)

Very little noise emitted in operation

Easy Installation

Easy to install and maintain

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