Ireland’s Phelan Green Energy announces R47 billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha, South Africa

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Ireland’s Phelan Green Energy and their South African subsidiary, Solar Capital, has announced a R47 billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha.

The Saldanha Green Hydrogen Project aims to be a state-of-the-art Green Hydrogen-Ammonia plant in the Western Cape projected to generate 2,500 jobs during its construction stage and sustain over 500 specialized permanent roles in the subsequent years.

The projects anticipated annual export revenue exceeds R6 billion, which attests to its significant economic impact. With planning anticipated for completion by Q3 2024, Phelan Green Energy is gearing up for a swift investment resolution, construction initiation, and an early commencement of exports, which are planned for early 2026. The company’s ethos centres around leveraging advanced technology, streamlined designs, precision in project execution, and harnessing the power of affordable renewable resources, with an outstanding youthful team based in Cape Town.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



    • Yolandi Afrika on

      This is very positive and encouraging!! Looking forward to read more about the project. The Lord knows what we need and when. May He bless the work of your hands. All the best. We do not have enough work opportunities and people are under skilled. I represent Mfesane a community development organisation, NPC. 1975/000041/08

      the West Coast, Saldanha in peticular, is in desperate need of jobs and economic growth. This is a poor community and relying mostly on the fishing industry and an income

      Please support all accommodation available in the immediate vicinity to help creating more jobs for the women as well. We need to empower more women to provide the basic needs to their families
      Welcome to Saldanda, the Jewel of the West Coast
      Antoinette Enslin
      Albatross Nest Luxury Accommodation for long and short stays.

  1. I represent one of South Africa’s larger multi-disciplinary construction companies, also supplying and Constructing bulk liquid and gas storage tanks.
    We are most interested in tendering for several of the packages on this project.
    Please forward me appropriate contacts.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much for having confidence our country South Africa
    I am very excited for the fact that our local people will be exposed to this innovative initiative of yours
    It will ensure that the skills transfer of your knowledge would change many lives for the better, and even for generations thereafter
    I wish you tones of success in your projects

    • This is Great news, incredible happy to see the investment on SA soil!

      The organisation I represent are able to assist with multiple areas within the set up phase and beyond.

      Could you let me know who to get in touch with to discuss possible partnerships opportunities in more detail please?

      Thank you kindly!

    • I am a director of a small startup based in Cape Town. We operating in the industrial electronic maintenance sector as well as in the renewable energy (Solar installation). I would like to be part of the project for more exposure in big projects and gain new skill transfer.

  3. This is fantastic news! Me and my wife reside in Saldanha, after Covid had an inpact on our occupations. We are more than able and willing to assist in taking this project forward. We will forward our CV’s.

  4. Congratulations! A sorely needed project in a economically depressed rural african region! We look forward to reciprocal business engagement to deliver your project.

  5. Fantastic News!!! The West Coast,especially Saldanha needs this desperately.
    We provide self catering accommodation for anynone interested
    Albatross Nest Luxury Accommodation..Long stays and short stays.

  6. Unyazi Sales and Service specializes in the sales and supply of all valves for any industry. Please forward details for valve tendering packages.

  7. Being a local I manage a branch of a CT valve company based in Saldanha supporting several major industries ranging from oil & gas, steel works, raw materials, utilities & fishing. With the establishment of a Green Energy Plant I forsee our services could be of a great asset to this venture,, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.

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