Roof Tops, Green Roofs & Walls

Transform your unused space

Building areas that are typically unused like roofs and walls have been identified as potential areas to grow vegetation.

There are two main types:

1.) Roof Top Gardens or Intensive Green Roofs

Roof Top Gardens or Intensive Green Roofs have a deeper layer of soil which allows an array of vegetation to be grown offering building inhabitants attractive recreational space. Anything from flowers, trees, lawn, fresh fruit and vegetables can be grown in designated areas. These areas are heavier, require irrigation and usually involve an extensive maintenance program.

2.) Extensive Green Roofs and Green Walls

Extensive Green Roofs and Green Walls generally consist of single mass vegetation offering the building an extra ecological protective layer that is aesthetically pleasing. The extra ‘green’ layer provides the building with added insulation, shade and energy savings. These roofs are typically inaccessible and generally have a thin layer of soil. They are low maintenance and do not require irrigation.

Useful Information

Extensive Roofs

Extensive roofs are also referred to as low profile green roofs..

Intensive Roofs

Intensive roofs are also referred to as deep or high profile green roofs.

How The System Works

The system is usually made up of layers incorporating a damp-proof membrane and drainage layers plus bottom insulation..

Energy Consumption Savings

Green roofs assist in the heating and cooling of the buildings throughout yearly weather cycles – which reduces energy costs.

Payback Period

Depends on size, what is planted and degree of maintenance. The initial outlay and maintenance costs of a green roof or wall is higher than that of it’s conventional counterpart. Energy savings offset this cost over time. Repair costs are also generally high.

Using Recycled Materials

Garden and green roofs can also include other recycled materials to provide pots, trays, paths, partitions etc.

Easy Installation

Pre planted modular systems are available for easy installation. They are typically a series of trays with built in drainage which do not require insulation.

Seasonal Vegetation

In the case of roof top gardens and intensive green roofs, plants can also be changed seasonally.

Recommended Pre-planning

Before installing a green roof, determine your roofs structure loading capacity in order that it is not over burdened by the extra weight. You may need to call in a structural engineer.

Not Designed For Steep Sloping Roofs

Steep sloping roofs are generally not recommended for planting vegetation.

Biodiversity Included

Green roofs attract biodiversity

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