Salt Water Chlorinators

An eco-friendly way to sanitise your pool water

Salt water chlorinators are an eco-friendly way to sanitise your pool water – salt is a natural product. There are various models available to choose from including maintenance free, self-cleaning units. All models suit most pool applications from small plunge pools to large Olympic size pools. The system is also suitable for all pool surfaces, including concrete, tile, fiberglass, and vinyl. Salt chlorinators are easy to install to your existing pool through inclusion in your pump system.

Useful Information

Introduction Of Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt water chlorinators introduce low levels of swimming pool grade salt making the swimming experience safe, clean and chemical free. Mild salt water also has therapeutic benefits.

Chemicals & Chlorine

No need to purchase, store and handle harmful chlorine products any longer.

Energy Consumption Savings

Very low power consumption.

Automated Systems

Fully automatic, safe and simple to use.

Maintenance & Servicing

A salt top up is required from time to time (pool salt is readily available from most pool retail outlets and hardware stores). Electrodes need to be cleaned as stipulated in the suppliers instruction manual for optimal performance.

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