Set the right mood for your guests

The use of colour on your building wall plays a major role in setting the right mood for your guests. Dark and gloomy building environments can be significantly brightened by making sure the building walls and ceilings are clean and painted with the correct type and colour of paint.

Illumination can be increased as much as fivefold by simply painting building interiors with the correct paint. Some manufacturers have introduced reflective paint that absorbs less natural or artificial light, using 20% less light energy. The idea is to make less use of energy-sapping artificial light in interior spaces. The painted areas effectively become reflectors of light.

Traditionally, paints have contained high quantities of VOC’S (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds are toxic, emit bad odours, harmful to the environment and can cause building sickness. They may deter building visitors or make their stay uncomfortable. In addition, the use of paint with high VOC’S can make the building working environment for your staff challenging. At this point in time, there is no legislation governing paint VOC content in South Africa but, progressive paint manufacturers do offer water-based eco-friendly paints or paints with low VOC’S.

Similarly, if you have painted artwork in your building, clarify with the artist or gallery on the type of paint has been used. Good quality natural based oils are encouraged as they are odourless and not harmful to your guests.

Paint used on the exterior of your building must be weather-proof and resilient to harmful rays from the sun. Good quality paint will prevent flaking and last longer, reducing maintenance costs by extending the intervals between repainting.

Useful Information

Paint Specifications

Where possible specify low VOC, water-based and/or lead-free paint. There are zero VOC paints available from some leading paint manufacturers in South Africa.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Paint surfaces must be regularly cleaned to ensure their light enhancing performance.

Color Varieties

Low VOC paints come in the usual variety of colours and a manufacturer’s guarantee. Quality is not compromised. Colour can also affect overall building temperature.

Paint Color Coding

Paint colour coding in the building environment plays a vital role in directing traffic, fire signing, differentiating service piping and regulating procedure.

Paint For Extreme Heat/Other Tolerances

Paints used in specific areas of the building may require extreme heat or other tolerances e.g chiller room or kitchen.

Planning & Paint Surfaces

Care must be taken when planning to paint a specific surface. Metal ceilings and walls must be spray painted (not rolled or brushed) and usually require a non- alkyd paint finish since the alkyd resin will react with the zinc in the galvanizing causing the paint to flake off.

Cleaning Surfaces Before Painting

The condition of the surface to be painted must always be checked for oil, dust and other materials. These must be removed prior to painting.

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