Lighting In Buildings

A matter to be decided carefully

Lighting in buildings must be carefully chosen as it forms an integral part of the décor and comfort experience offered to those using the building. It must also be functional and strategically placed. The key to more efficient lighting is using natural light where possible, switching off lights when not in use, replacing existing lighting with energy-efficient lighting and using low voltage lighting where appropriate. Used in combination with other energy-saving initiatives, new technology lighting will cut your energy bill dramatically and in many cases, improve your hotel lighting performance. The incandescent traditional light bulb uses approximately four times the amount of electricity compared to the new technology Compact Fluorescents or LED bulbs. They also emit more carbon emissions and have a shorter lifespan.

It still makes sense to change to the new technology albeit more expensive per unit in most cases at this point in time. Workers tend to be more productive and the living experience is enhanced in a well-lit space that fosters better visual comfort. Economically lit buildings tend to have a higher productivity performance, less absenteeism and sick leave amongst staff plus increased safety performance. Ultimately by optimising your lighting needs in terms of on-off controls, dimming controls and using combined technologies, your overall building operating costs will be reduced.

Useful Information

For your convenience a comparison table has been drawn up comparing the three different light technologies available.

LEDCompact FlourescentIncandescent
Down lighter projected lifespan (average)25,000 hours8,000 hours1500 hours
Watts per light (equiv. 60 watts)4.51150
Cost per down lighter (Excl VAT)R129.00R84.95R23.95
KWh of electricity used over 25,000 hours112.502751250
Cost of electricity (@ 0.10per KWh)R0.94/KwhR0.94/KwhR0.94/Kwh
Bulbs needed for 25k hours of use1317
Equivalent 25k hours bulb expenseR129R255R407
Total cost for 25k hoursR234.75R513.50R1582
Mercury contentnonepresentnone
Lumens/ Candela2203211600cd
Dimmabledepends on makemost not- Depends on makeyes
Disposalsafecare to be taken (contains mercury)safe
RecycleYesYes with a mercury filterNo

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