Solar Pool Heating

Extend the use of your pool during the colder months

Solar pool heating by induction is a great way to extend the use of your swimming pool outside of the warm months. Solar tube panels are fitted to the roof and connected to a water feed from the pool. Water is then channeled through the tubes and is heated by the sun’s rays and returned to the pool by the existing pool pump (which can also be solar powered). The panels are heated from the sun’s rays as well as the roof surface through conduction. This system eliminates the need to convert solar power into electric power first before turning into heat.

Useful Information

Easy Installation

The system does not damage your building roof and can easily be fitted to your existing pool pump.

Relatively Year Round Usage

An average of 9 months a year pool use.

Amount Of Panels Required

The number of panels required is determined by the pool depth and surface area.

Pool Pump Requirements

The pool pump can only run during daylight hours in order for the system to work properly.


10 year plus warranty is typically offered

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