Internal Shading

Curtains & Blinds

Well fitted curtains and blinds reduce heat loss at night, provide protection in summer and offer privacy to your building. A snug fit overlapping the window perimeter is essential. This ensures that warm air from within the building does not move around the curtain or blind and cools when in contact with your glass window.

Useful Information

Using Natural Materials

Used natural fibres for your curtains and natural materials for your blinds where possible.

Linings For Summer

Curtains fitted with a reflective lining provide extra summer protection.

Custom Designs

Custom made, insulated shutter blinds which are snugly fitted to the window frame, forming a sealed airspace, offer the best indoor shading performance.

Material Insulation Quality

Louver, Venetian and Vertical blinds are not good insulators as they allow warm internal air to pass through to the window.

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