86 MW solar PV plant commisioned in South Africa

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  • Solar Capital has connected an 86 MW solar PV plant to the grid in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Located in the town of Loeriesfontein, the facility “is set to significantly contribute alleviate the severe power shortages being experienced in South Africa,” the South African PV plant developer said.

The new solar farm will generate enough energy to power thousands of homes and businesses in the region, it added.

Phelan Energy Group, Solar Capital’s parent company, fully equity funded the Loeriesfontein plant and it will now undertake a refinance program.

The Loeriesfontein community is now part of Solar Capital’s socio-economic development scheme that has provided more than €8 million in funding in recent years, the company added.

“These initiatives focus on education, skills development, healthcare, and other critical areas and create a lasting positive impact in all communities, where our solar plants are located,” Solar Capital stated.

The company also operates two other PV plants in the Northern Cape, the De Aar projects with a combined capacity of 175.26 MW.

“Our focus on bringing clean, reliable energy solutions to South Africa helps reduce the pressure on the grid and addresses the load shedding challenges, ultimately improving the quality of life for millions of South Africans,” said Paschal Phelan, chairman of Solar Capital and Phelan Energy Group.

Author: Edgar Meza

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.




  1. Wow. That is fantastic. You should do this nation wide. Hopefully get Eskom out of the hole it is in. Also improving job creation and life for all South Africans.

  2. Great innovation, why other provinces don’t follow suit, mobilize funds and foreign investors? We are tired of eskom politics

    • Residents of Louriefontein, I am so happy for you. Hopefully this article will be read by residents all over RSA who will push for their towns and cities to do the same.

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