Wind Turbines

Domestic wind turbines are a great way to harness natural wind energy and convert it into electricity for domestic use. By installing and connecting a wind turbine to your existing electricity distribution system, you can reduce energy consumption used to power your appliances, lighting and heating systems. As wind is inconsistent, your existing grid makes up the shortfall when needed

What you need to know:

  • There are two main types of wind turbines: a vertical axis turbine and a horizontal axis wind turbine. A horizontal axis turbine must be positioned so that it faces the wind. A vertical axis turbine does not necessarily need to be facing into the wind to function
  • In order for a wind turbine to operate at optimal performance, wind speeds in the area need to reach a speed in excess of 16km/h. Built up areas are generally not considered to be suitable for wind power unless wind is consistent for long periods
  • A small roof top wind turbine offers up to 10% saving on your electricity bill
  • A special inverter is required to synchronise the varying voltage supply from your wind turbine to your existing grid. This device usually comes with the wind turbine package
  • A backup storage battery is recommended because the inverter may not operate in the event of grid failure due to current legislation. This backup system will change the supply from the grid to the battery backup in the event of a power failure (grid failure) from Eskom
  • Many suppliers offer DIY home kits, however service backup and installation is also provided by recommended suppliers
  • Large turbines are not recommended for built up areas
  • The system is even more effective when use in conjunction with solar power as a hybrid system – it may be sunny but not windy and vice versa due to seasonal changes
  • Good quality wind turbines are virtually silent when generating energy
  • Payback period depends on the cost of the system and the quantity of wind
  • A variety of models and sizes are available
  • If mounted properly in a secure location out of reach of children, the system poses no safety risk
  • The system relies on the strength and consistency of wind

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