The key to more efficient lighting is using natural light where possible, switch off lights when not in use, replace existing lighting with energy efficient lighting and use low voltage lighting where appropriate. Used in combination with other energy saving initiatives, new technology lighting will cut your energy bill dramatically and in many a cases, improve your home lighting performance. The incandescent traditional light bulb uses approximately four times the amount of electricity compared to the new technology Compact Fluorescents or LED bulbs. They also emit more carbon emissions and have a shorter lifespan. It still makes sense to change to the new technology albeit more expensive per unit in most cases… the moment.

Housing regulation in the future may specify low voltage lighting in low use areas of the home and high voltage in high activity areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. This will be applicable to all new houses built. It makes sense to start this type of energy planning in terms of your existing lighting configuration. New or old, your home and maybe more importantly, your living experience at home, will be better off with energy efficient lighting.

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