Trending Bathroom Looks in 2021

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  • The hansgrohe design team always have a finger or two on the pulse of the latest trends in bathroom design, and they consistently create accessories that are the perfect accents to enhance both the look and user experience.

Hansgrohe’s history of innovation goes back 120 years, when the founder and man the company is named after, Hans Grohe, started a business creating metal-spun goods in the small Black Forest town of Schiltach.

Over the years, Hans’s spirit of innovation and creativity still drives the company to create ground-breaking new ideas that set the trend in bathroom and kitchen design the world over. From cutting-edge design to inventive and effective water-saving technology, hansgrohe continues to set the benchmark for style and forward-thinking design.

In 2020, a few new trends emerged and hansgrohe takes a look at three of the standout design concepts that are gaining momentum in 2021.

Transform any bathroom with this beautiful Metropol mixer. Image credit: hansgrohe

Minimalist elegance

Clichés only become clichés because there is an element of truth to them. And in terms of the old adage, “Less is more”, the phrase really hits home in the modern aesthetic. hansgrohe’s selection of showers, mixers, basins and other products are defined by a simple elegance that is never “Over the top”; always appealing to the eye and smoothly integrate into most modern design styles – unassumingly at first, but unforgettably when they cross your path.

Colour and contrast

Bold, avant-garde colour choices and high-contrast finishes are turning traditional bathroom designs on its head, adding extra character to the modern look and feel. hansgrohe’s FinishPlus range of mixers brings in a variety of colour choices in metallic shades and matt colours, for completely personalised bathroom design that will make anyone who enters the space pause in admiration. The FinishPlus matt black mixer is the ideal finishing touch for a minimalist, black and white design, created using stark contrast.

Stylish Logis mixer with luxurious hand held shower. Image credit: hansgrohe

Responsible design

In a time when energy and water usage are at a premium, responsible consumption has become more of a priority than ever before. With hansgrohe’s EcoSmart range, you can install products that consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. Lower hot water consumption also reduces energy costs, yielding long-term savings while lowering your carbon footprint. So, EcoSmart technology is good for both the environment and your wallet. EcoSmart taps only use five litres of water per minute. But even with a low flow rate, they produce a full, bubbling jet of water because of the uniquely designed air flow process.

As the global population increases, the world’s water supply is under pressure. But with hansgrohe’s products, exquisite design comes with a clear conscience – a top priority for the design team behind the scenes. Every day new innovations come to life in research and development, ensuring that you can have the best of both worlds.

Award-winning excellence

Every year, the iF DESIGN AWARD identifies the royal class of outstanding design achievements in various design disciplines with relevance for society and everyday life. This year, the jury of the renowned designers honoured all 19 submitted products by the premium brand hansgrohe with a ‘Winner’ label. The crowning achievement of the joint success was the iF GOLD AWARD won by hansgrohe’s sister brand AXOR. AXOR, steeped in the same ethos of trendsetting quality and innovation, won an iF DESIGN GOLD AWARD for the AXOR One Select Basin mixers range, designed by Barber & Osgerby. This prestigious award, judged by an independent, international panel, recognises the pinnacle of product design, with fewer than 1% of entries receiving the accolade.

AXOR One completely reinvents the archetype of the single lever mixer, stripping it down to its purest minimalist form. Its elegant and uncomplicated shape blends easily with both modern and classic environments.

For more striking trends and ideas, visit the hansgrohe Inspiration Page and start planning your dream bathroom today.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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