Solar Racking Containerised Modules – The Ideal Solar Power Solution for rural Africa?

The African Continent has massive logistical challenges due to poor infrastructure. The roads and railway systems are generally poor which restricts goods from reaching the rural areas. As a result, more creative ways need to be found to package and deliver goods to the rural villages. A recently launched program using drones to parachute blood and medicines to rural villages in Tanzania is the kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking that is required. Similarly, the solar industry has recently come up with modular containerised retractable racking systems.

Many countries in Africa do not have the budget to extend their electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure to outlying rural villages. Until such time as governments connect these remote places to the main grid, these villages are left in the dark. The ‘plug n play’, modular containerised solutions may just be the answer.  This unique technology allows for rapid deployment of power to remote regions. The modular systems allows for capacity options from 20Kw and up. It offers a much more versatile system than the traditional fixed solar installations. It can also be quickly relocated for use at another site.

More recently, the rural energy ministries in East Africa have been piloting with Independent Power Producers to supply solar power mini grid solutions to their villagers. The modular panel/racking /inverter systems can be hybrid integrated with battery banks or diesel generator to provide consistent based load 24/7. The solution includes distribution points with secure prepaid billing using the cell phone to transact. The versatility of the portable racking systems extends beyond the rural market to war torn regions and refugee centres.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal, 21/10/2017

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