What is PV*SOL Premium Solar Software?

  • PV*SOL premium is the software of choice among engineers, system designers, architects, installers, craftsmen and solar engineers for the simulation, design and forecasting of solar energy systems.
  • It is a dynamic and intuitive platform that gives you the power to design a PV system in as little as 30 minutes and generate a detailed comprehensive report for your clients.

You can design and simulate all types of modern PV systems with PV*SOL premium, from small rooftop systems to medium-sized systems on commercial roofs, to large solar parks with up to 100 000 modules. You can even plan grid-tied systems with battery storage, which is a huge advantage for South African clients beset by loadshedding.

There are many options and advantages for using PV*SOL premium:

  • Use Google Maps, a site plan, or a photo to extract a 3D model of your site to work out the optimal position of the PV modules
  • The 3D layout not only contributes to the accuracy of yield simulations, but will impress your clients, helping them understand your design as they look at a real time image of their own house or building
  • No need for additional rendering software, you can do it all inside PV*SOL premium
  • The software also allows you to upload your client’s individual load profiles and simulate their usage pattern to find the best possible solution for them
  • You also have many options to incorporate financial incentives and complex tariff structures resulting in better financial planning
  • And there is so much more…

Once you’re done with your design, PV*SOL premium allows you to present your clients with a deal-clinching proposal that speaks their language. This proposal includes graphic information, real-time images and comprehensive technical data, as well as financial results such as individual costs, credit, taxes, incentives, payback time and more.

Valentin’s PV*SOL premium is a dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis for the calculation of photovoltaic solar systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles. Image credit: Valentin

If you want more information, click here to watch a video that gives you an overview of the software’s functions.

Interested and want to try before you buy? Click here to download a free 30-day full version trial of PV*SOL premium 2022.

Do you want to purchase PV*SOL premium? The regular price is R24 605 ex VAT for a single-user licence. You can choose to purchase the programme outright or enquire about our operating rental finance options to pay for the software over 12 or 24 months.

Visit the website pvsol.co.za, or contact for a formal quote on: pvsol@solar-training.org or +27 (0) 10 312 6724


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