South Africa: The Solar Power Solution in the Eastern Cape

  • South Africa is in an energy crisis and needs to start looking to renewable energy sources to help solve the problem.
  • For the Eastern Cape, this issue has become incredibly prevalent due to the rise in electricity prices, increased load shedding and breakdown of municipal power grids.
  • Solar power and the solar industry are one of the ways the Eastern Cape can turn their energy problems into energy solutions.

Unlike in provinces like Gauteng and the Western Cape, in the Eastern Cape the average person is not well informed about the advantages of solar and do not have the capital to install a R150 000 solar system. While this might seem like a non-optimal situation, it is actually an opportunity. This provides an opening for companies to assist in educating the public about solar systems as well as making competitive decisions to advance the technology and lower prices.

These opportunities have driven solar companies to seek an opening in the market to supply residential homes as well as commercial companies with solar PV as an alternative energy solution. GREEN Solar Academy is involved in the Eastern Cape because we believe in the localisation of solar PV in the province, which will not only help solve the energy crisis, but also provide employment and support economic growth.

When asked about their experience of the solar market in the Eastern Cape Dion Lückhoff a business developer at Genergy had this to say,

“Service, service, and service. The Solar PV market is so competitive, but the cake is just so big – everyone is competing for a bigger slice. Therefore, service means everything. Word of mouth helps to improve image and perceptions about a business. One cannot afford to make any mistakes, or not follow up on customer requests – constant client feedback is critical. We sell a service NOT a product.”

As a result, the main focus for solar installers in the Eastern Cape needs to be excellent service, building exemplary solar installations, and always listening to the customer to make sure the installer can give them the right solution. Good service means more than just doing an installation; good training and education is key for all current and potential solar installers.

Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

GREEN Solar Academy is working to assist in the education and qualification of solar installers in the Eastern Cape to help fill the gap created by the need for solar PV energy solutions. There are multiple ways in which solar PV can be integrated into the municipalities of the Eastern Cape, such as microgrids for apartments, or solar projects for landlords to apply to renters’ homes, or even charging stations for electric cars at petrol stations and shopping centres.

In the SuperSolarSchool, a 5-day comprehensive course for beginner and intermediate level, the foundation to deeper understanding of solar technology is laid. The course is an opportunity for newcomers to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. Experienced trainers share their knowledge and enable the participants to take over their first projects very quickly.

The next course in Port Elizabeth takes place on:

Date: 10 -14 May
Duration: 5 days, Mon 9:00 AM – Fri 5:00 PM
Location: Genergy building, 3 Alabaster Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, 6001
Price: R12,500.00 excl. VAT

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Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

GREEN is excited about the growth of solar renewable energy in the Eastern Cape. The province and its people have a great opportunity to adopt a sustainable mindset that will protect its beautiful environment, reduce the impact of fossil fuels, improve everyone’s well-being, and reduce energy costs using solar energy. Being part of a new and growing industry that is making a difference, is very empowering.

To this end GREEN is going to be working to educate and empower the people of the Eastern Cape regarding solar energy and all its opportunities. Installers will be able to access a variety of courses for various levels as well as have access to the SAPVIA assessment for accreditation. Through this the Eastern Cape will be able to create a high standard for all installers and provide their customers with the confidence and satisfaction of a quality installation.

If you are interested in becoming part of a fast growing and effective industry, please contact us or book directly:

10 -14 May @ the Genergy building, 3 Alabaster Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, 6001
Price: R12,500.00 excl. VAT

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