South Africa Releases Hydrogen Society Road Map Report

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The report emphasises the overarching need to develop an “inclusive, sustainable and competitive hydrogen economy by 2050”. For this to happen, the country has prioritised small-scale catalytic projects exploring various hydrogen production technologies and uses. Through their implementation, the flagship catalytic projects are expected to produce approximately 500kt of hydrogen and create at least 20 000 jobs annually by 2030 and a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contribution of at least USD5 billion to the economy by 2050. These catalytic projects include the following industrial clusters and demonstration zones:

Cofimvaba Science Centre, launched by the Minister on 6 October 2021, is
powered by a combination of renewable energy and fuel cell with on-site
hydrogen production. Image credit: Department of Science and Innovation

Key report takeaways

  • The Hydrogen Society Roadmap (HSRM) will serve as a national coordinating framework to facilitate the integration of hydrogen-related technologies in various sectors of the South African economy and stimulate economic recovery, in line with the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

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  • In its pursuit of a hydrogen society, South Africa will leverage its significant natural renewable resources, mineral endowment and capabilities to stimulate local demand for renewable hydrogen and build a viable green-hydrogen export market.
  • This will contribute to the growth and development of the South African economy and the creation of sustainable green jobs, while moving the country towards secure and low-cost sustainable energy, promoting broader national competitiveness.
  • In parallel, South Africa will be a catalyst in the transition of its Southern African neighbours from fossil fuels to renewable energy (RE) systems through increased intra-Africa trade.
  • Significant local value creation and wealth will therefore be realised from the production, distribution, storage and utilisation of the green-hydrogen value chain in South Africa and across the world.

Link to the full Hydrogen Society Road Map report HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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