South Africa: Ministry of Public Works to issue Request for Proposals for 3740MW renewable energy

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The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) together with the Ministry of Electricity, supported by National Treasury’s Government Technical Advisory Centre’s (GTAC) made the released yesterday.

“The release of this PHASE 1 RFP comes at an opportune moment, with government remaining steadfast in eradicating the electricity and water supply challenges, and the rampant landfill shortages our country continues to face. This programme will introduce up to 3 740MW of equivalent capacity through renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, while saving 47 million kilolitres of water and reducing waste to landfill by 1 million tons.

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“By alleviating at least 3 740MW from the national grid through the programme’s energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions, the government building portfolio could potentially add the same capacity as 2 Koeberg power plants and reduce load shedding by 3 – 4 stages,” Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Sihle Zikalala said at a media briefing in Pretoria.

The iREREP will be the largest programme for the procurement of renewable energy and resource efficiency for public facilities on the African continent. This project was gazetted as a Strategic Integrated Project (SIP28) in July 2020 as part of the Infrastructure Investment Plan, which was approved by Cabinet.

The programme has the potential to achieve significant savings in government expenditure and contribute towards socio-economic transformation over its 30-year term.

Projected savings and socio-economic benefits from the programme include:

  • Up to R1.3 trillion direct contribution to the GDP;
  • The creation of over 13 100 new small businesses, majority of which would be black-owned enterprises;
  • An estimated 503 000 jobs created;
  • Skills development opportunities for more than 475 000 people;
  • A reduction in energy use intensity of between 22% and 45% in the public sector;
  • A water use intensity reduction of between 30% and 55% in the public sector;
  • A reduction in waste and diversion of 50% of current waste from landfill sites, saving 12 million tons; and
  • A reduction in CO2 and other Green House Gas emission by over 54.5 megatons.

The RFP tender document will be available on the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure website from next week.  

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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