Seraphim New Half-Cell Bifacial Module Yields up to 30% More Energy

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  • Seraphim’s new half-cell bifacial module combines high-efficiency bifacial technology with proven half-cell technology, using incidental light from both the front and rear side of each cell.
  • Yields up to 30% more energy from back side power generation, depending on the albedo/reflectivity of each individual project site.
  • Ideally suited for highly reflective sand, snow, water, grass and white painted project sites.

With years of experience in the production of shingled modules, the Seraphim new half-cell bifacial module offers a range of improved features such as higher reliability, less mismatch, maximum power output, and minimal hot-spot effects.

The Blade™ Bifacial also combines multiple product design upgrades for a greatly-improved PV module configuration. For example, they have chosen a lighter, 2.0mm, tempered AR-coated glass to maintain the same snow and wind load, while reducing transportation costs and installation difficulty. They also offer customised rails and clamps as installation options.

With superior power generation capabilities, Blade BifacialTM significantly reduces project levelised cost of energy (LCOE), BoS, EPC overhead, and land costs. Compared with power plants using conventional modules, projects using Blade Bifacial series can reduce LCOE by at least 5% per watt, allowing it to be the prime choice for project developers to save investment and increase ROI.

Download the data sheet, warranty, installation manual and certificate here. Seraphim is ranked top in the global reliability scorecard. Read more

Seraphim is also a Bloomberg ranked top 10 tier 1 ranked solar module manufacturer in terms of bankability. Read more

Seraphim has a solar module factory in South Africa servicing the African continent. Read more 

EPC’s and IPP’s operating in South Africa and the rest of the African continent are encourage to place orders with Seraphim in order to support local industry and job creation. Prices and range are highly competitive catering for the small and large scale projects. The Seraphim sales department is ready to take your enquiry, simply drop them a mail: 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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