Saving Water Starts At The Point Of Use

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  • South Africa and Cape Town, in particular, is in a water crisis
  • A dripping tap can waste as much as 20000 litres a year
  • Normal tap flow is around 25 litres a minute most of which is wasted
  • What taps are installed in your building or home?

The urgency around water savings in the built environment has become critical in South Africa. Architects, property developers, plumbers, mixer suppliers and the ordinary homeowner are starting to address the problem at the point of use – the tap mixer and in particular its rate of flow.

Increasingly building and homeowners are specifying low flow taps in their buildings to reduce consumption and wastage at the point of use. The initiative not only saves on the cost of water but also on the cost of energy. A low flow tap regulates the flow of water conservatively service specific consumption or use needs only.

It is important to specify a good quality tap mixer manufacturer that has taken the time to research and determine the economic balance between the convenience of use plus the optimal amount dispensed. Hansgrohe assumes a pioneering role in dealing with ways to conserve water in South Africa. They have introduced EcoSmart technology to all their tap mixer ranges which save up to 60% less water when compared to a conventional tap mixer.

For your convenience, they take the water savings initiative one step further by providing an online EcoSmart water savings calculator via their website or via a savings calculator App for smartphones. What is nice about the high-quality Hansgrohe offering is that they have a number of design ranges to choose from that will suit your pocket and washbasin design.

If you are thinking of retrofitting your building or house with new tap mixers consider the Hansgrohe range, they have the perfect mix of function, water savings plus state of the art design. They have an established network of retailers that stock their range that is easily located through their store locator.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Hansgrohe Tap Mixer


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