Round 5 Solar PV Projects Start To Spark Up In South Africa

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  • South Africa’s Revised Integrated Resource Plan announcement is imminent.
  • It is expected to pave the way for the opening of Round 5 of the country’s REIPP Program.
  • The revised IRP is expected to include capacity allocation of around 800Mw for solar PV per annum leading up to 2030.

Green Building Africa Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a purpose SPV, recently gave notice that it wishes to engage prospective project rights investors, IPP’s and renewable energy investors with the view to selling the project rights to three of their solar PV projects in South Africa. The three projects total 275 Megawatts and are under development for Round 5 in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Program (REIPPP).

The move fires the first big salvo in the direction of Round 5 after the new Energy Minister, Mr Jeff Radebe recently signed off on 27 renewable energy projects bringing Round 4 to a close. The new Minister will also be announcing the new Integrated Resource Plan shortly which will provide clarity on when Round 5 will open and what capacity quotas will be allocated to renewable energy technology going forward.

Round 5 may see the construction of South Africa’s first mega solar PV plant of 150 Megawatts which is on offer as part of the mix in the three projects rights sale by the developer. A two-page teaser outlining the offer reveals that the land secured for all three projects has a feed-in point (Eskom substation) on site in each case.

The two-page teaser is available to interested parties on request. Email your request to :

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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