SA Wind Energy Association Mourns Passing of CEO

  • The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) and the sector at large, today mourns the loss of their beloved Princess Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of SAWEA. 
  • Fondly known as Ntombi, she leaves behind two young children and an extended family who will no doubt feel the full extent of this loss.

Ntombifuthi has steered the wind power sector, in her leadership role, since her appointment to the CEO position, in September 2019.  During this time, she drew on her depth of knowledge and talents, and crafted over more than 15 years in the energy and related sectors.

Ntombifuthi’s leadership was defined by her charismatic yet gentle nature, resilience and determination to successfully steer the industry towards playing a central role in South Africa’s energy transition, whilst being a uniting force.

She has built strong bridges throughout the energy sector, founded on her sound logic and ability to see the bigger picture.  Her lobbying efforts for the country’s transition to cleaner power were underpinned by supportive government policy and smooth procurement, which will help to ensure the sector’s exponential growth for years to come.  But, it is safe to say that her legacy will live on not only through her successes, but also in the hearts of the people that make up this industry.

“Ntombi changed the face of the wind industry in our country.  She made the industry relatable with her ability to engage with the most stubborn naysayer, helping them to see her point of view and winning everyone over with her charming smile and her calm strength,” said Mercia Grimbeek, Chair of SAWEA.

SAWEA, including its board members and all its staff, extend their heartfelt condolences to Ntombifuthi Ntuli’s family.

Source: SAWEA

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