Online Solar Calculator for Quick System Design On-The-Go

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  •  PV*SOL Online is an online free photovoltaic calculator made by the developers of PV*SOL premium.
  • It even works on your mobile device, so it’s a powerful tool to have at your fingertips while on a site visit, for example.
  • While it offers a much more limited scope of features than PV*SOL premium, PV*SOL Online uses the same algorithms and yields equally accurate and reliable results.

You don’t need a lot of data to get started; simply input the location of your system, load profile and annual energy consumption as well as your selected PV module data (manufacturer, model, orientation, quantity etc.).

Next select an inverter manufacturer and let the automatic configuration manager search for the optimal connection of your PV modules and the inverter that suits best.

Once that’s done you can simulate your PV system to be presented with a mini on-screen report that includes annual PV energy production, performance ratio, own power consumption, solar fraction and more.

Valentin’s PV*SOL software produces photo-realistic visualisations of a building as it would look with modules installed. Image credit: Valentin

Want to use what you’ve just created as the basis of your formal system design? You can download the project file and open it in the full version PV*SOL premium on your computer.

Now you can render the site in 3D, decide on the actual number of modules that can be accommodated and their position and orientation, fine-tune your cable plans, add surrounding object like trees and neighbouring buildings to perform a shading analysis, load custom feed-in and from-grid tariffs and calculate the financial viability of the system.

And once you’re done, you are able to generate a professional, comprehensive report complete with your company logo to present to your client.

Don’t have PV*SOL premium yet? Download the 30-day trial here.

Find out more about the functions and features on offer in PV*SOL premium by joining us for a FREE live online training session on Friday April 22 from 10am to 12pm. To register, use this link:

To purchase PV*SOL or PV*SOL premium, contact Alex Hattingh on or +27 (0) 10 312 6724.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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