Mozambique Oil and Gas Chamber Rebrands to a More Inclusive Mozambique Energy Chamber

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  • The Mozambique Oil and Gas Chamber, in a move to promote inclusivity and offer support to all facets of the Mozambican energy sector, has announced that the organization will be rebranding to the Mozambique Energy Chamber.
  • As a key supporter and facilitator of Mozambique’s energy sector success, the rebranding marks a turning point for the organization as it moves to accelerate countrywide oil, gas, and renewable energy growth in a post-COVID-19, energy transition environment.

Established in January 2020, the Chamber has a strong mandate to foster relations between members, domestic and international companies, and government. In this regard, the organization remains committed to supporting business development in Mozambique, and has, in a short space of time, been instrumental in improving engagement and networking among key industry players.

Within the natural gas industry, the Chamber has dedicated itself to helping establish an enabling environment for international investors, while at the same time supporting national companies across the entire value chain to increase their participation in the sector. By ensuring domestic companies have access to opportunities in small, medium and large-scale project developments, particularly regarding gas-to-power, Liquefied Natural Gas, and distribution, the Chamber has reaffirmed its commitment to Mozambique’s socioeconomic growth. Now, with the rebrand, the company will be expanding its portfolio, offering support across a myriad of sectors including renewables, infrastructure, and technology.

“We are experiencing amazing times and will continue to be strong proponents of pragmatic common-sense solutions for all forms of energy in Mozambique. This will expand our portfolio, enhance business relations, and we will take the lead towards a more inclusive energy sector in Mozambique. The Chamber has always been a strong supporter of the country’s energy progress and now, with the rebrand, will be even better positioned to serve the entire industry and its value chains,” stated Florival Mucave, Executive Chair of the Mozambique Energy Chamber

Meanwhile, with a strong mandate to enhance local content within Mozambique’s energy industry, the Chamber has taken significant strides in terms of promoting an inclusive participation of Mozambicans in the energy industry and it intends to continue playing a fundamental role in the elaboration of local content policies and legislation in Mozambique. Through training programs, knowledge and technology transfer initiatives, and community outreach programs, the Chamber has placed local content at the center of the country’s energy sector development, while serving as a bridge between energy companies and local communities. Accordingly, the non-profit continues to be a voice for the Mozambican people and the wider energy industry.

The Chamber’s move to rebrand comes at a time when Mozambique is grappling with the effects of three crises: namely, the COVID-19 pandemic; the climate crisis; and insurgency in the northern province of Cabo-Delgado

Demand fluctuations, price instability, and global call for an energy transition has motivated many companies worldwide to expand renewable energy investment and development. Accordingly, as an advocate for the entire Mozambican energy sector, the Chamber has been responsive to the demand of the market. Through the rebrand, the organization has made the energy transition a priority, while at the same time continuing to promote the needs of the Mozambican people.

The rebranding will not only ensure the Chamber is more inclusive but emphasizes the organizations’ commitment to all forms of energy. One of the continent’s prevailing crises – energy poverty – requires both an adaptive and integrated approach if it is to be adequately addressed. In this respect, the Chamber has opted for an ‘all-energy approach’ to addressing domestic needs, expanding energy systems, and accelerating both domestic and regional socioeconomic growth.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Source: Mozambique Energy Chamber


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