JinkoSolar Supplies 1.2MWh Energy Storage System for West African Power Project

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  • JinkoSolar has announced the completion of an 1.2MWh order for its Energy Storage System with one of the largest power developers in Africa.
  • The project will improve the electricity consumption of local villages and improve the life quality of the residents.
  • The client is one of the most influential multi-technology companies in West Africa and has cooperated plenty of new energy projects with World Bank, local government and etc.
  • JinkoSolar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world in terms of cumulative global shipments boasting accolades for the highest quality and performance.

JinkoSolar offers different Energy Storage System solutions for different application scenarios, helping to improve the power supply structure in Africa. For some areas with limited access to the grid, JinkoSolar C&I Energy Storage System can effectively solve the problem of local power shortage with high performance and high security features.

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Jinko C&I Energy Storage System is designed for community microgrid and commercial and industrial application. The system carries the full range of standard storage product up to 1MWh per unit standard products and customized solutions to cater each individual need. The system integrates battery, PCS, DC/DC, switch cabinet, fire-fighting equipment, air-conditioner, EMS and etc. The high integration reduces the complex process of the project design, selection and related installation cost.

JinkoSolar  promotes DC coupling topology to propose energy storage solution, which is more efficient, less solar curtailment and less installation and system design cost. Besides, DC coupling system is easier to be managed by EMS than AC coupling solution, which brings higher stability of the ESS projects. Our EMS can greatly manage the energy dispatch from different parts of system, including PV side and ESS side and even other energy resources.

As the world’s leading PV company, JinkoSolar is committed to providing global customers with a more comprehensive range of new energy solutions by expanding its “PV + ” business segment. As an important product in the “PV + ” business segment, JinkoSolar Energy Storage System will achieve better electricity management for customers in Africa and around the world.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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