JinkoSolar ready to service solar panel + BESS needs in Africa in 2024

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  • As one of the leading manufacturers of integrated PV+ESS solutions, JinkoSolar continues to revolutionise the solar energy landscape with its cutting-edge N-type technology and liquid-cooled energy storage systems.
  • Jinko’s dedication and innovation was rewarded Top Brand Solar PV in South Africa by EUPD Research last year.

Looking forward to 2024, Jinko’s N-type new 66-cell solar panel stands out with an impressive 600W power output, boasting 22.72% efficiency, remarkably low linear degradation, and exceptional performance in low-light conditions. The famous 54 and 60-cell options, tailored for commercial and residential rooftop projects, also exhibit superior temperature coefficients, and come with a long-term power warranty of 30 years.

In parallel, JinkoSolar leads the way in developing liquid-cooled energy storage systems in the African market. JinkoSolar ESS products offer adaptability to a diverse range of scenarios, covering residential, commercial, and utility applications, effectively addressing the intricacies of Africa’s climate systems. By introducing the concept of “Safe and Intelligent Energy Storage,” JinkoSolar ESS products have overcome the limitations of traditional energy storage systems, ensuring efficiency, reducing risks, and simplifying maintenance procedures.

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JinkoSolar is committed to ongoing innovation in core module products and energy storage technologies to cater to the evolving needs of the expansive African market. Their BESS system have already been installed in #Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Djibouti. Read more

Link to the list of JinkoSolar distributors in Africa HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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