JinkoSolar SunGiga C&l energy storage systems: highly integrated, modular, easy installation

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  • Recently, JinkoSolar, the world’s leading solar and storage company, collaborated with Shuhong Technology to install four C&l ESS for a ceramic factory in Foshan.
  • The total project capacity is 400 kW/860 kWh, employing a standard commercial and industrial energy storage solution.
  • Each energy storage unit consists of 5 liquid-cooling battery packs and 1 high-voltage cabinet, along with a 100 kW PCS.
  • The highly integrated design makes on-site installation worry-free, with on-site installation and commissioning completed in just 5 days after the equipment arrived.

In Guangdong, high temperatures are common. The liquid cooling system equipped in SunGiga can control the temperature difference of the batteries within 2.5°C, significantly improving charging and discharging efficiency and reducing the risk of system thermal runaway. Automatic State of Charge (SOC) calibration and coolant automatic replenishment technology also substantially reduce the system maintenance costs, providing peace of mind in usage.

SunGiga’s intelligent monitoring ensures the safety of the battery system, coupled with a cloud platform secured through measures such as WAF, cloud firewall, and cloud bastion. Connecting to the JinkoStorage big data cloud platform, the exclusive system can real-time collect operational data of the energy storage system, enabling real-time analysis and remote control.

Choosing JinkoSolar SunGiga is like having a thoughtful electric steward, effortlessly achieving real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, remote operation and maintenance, and profit calculation for the energy storage system. Through cloud-based algorithm updates and big data platform iterations, the entire energy storage system will continuously upgrade towards a more intelligent, safer, and higher-yielding direction.

Link to SunGiga spec sheet HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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