JinkoSolar Provides Its N-type BIPV Panels for National Library of Israel

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  • JinkoSolar has won a contract from GroupShops, a procurement and project management company in Israel, to provide 621 pieces of its full black Building Intergrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) modules for the National Library of Israel in Kiryat HaLeum, Jerusalem.
  • JinkoSolar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world in terms of cumulative global shipments boasting accolades for the highest quality and performance. 
  • Approximately one out of every ten solar modules installed in the world was produced by JinkoSolar. Read more

As an international landmark and beacon of pride in Israel, the Library Project deploys Jinko’s latest N-type full black BIPV modules covering a roof area of 1016㎡with total capacity reaching 0.19MW. The BIPV module improves the thermal insulation of the Library, leading to reduced heat loss. On top of that, Jinko’s BIPV module boasts inherent advantages of integration in module design without metal wire exposition, which significantly improves the aesthetic appearance of the building. And thanks to its N-type cell efficiency, the BIPV module has the added benefit of generating more electricity over the building’s life.

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“Previously, the technology of BIPV is not widely used due to higher costs compared to conventional PV system. But we’ve made significant progress in the development of the BIPV systems,” said Dany Qian, Vice President of JinkoSolar, “we’ve played a leading role in the promotion of the cutting-edge N-type cell technology and always seek for cost optimization of BIPV system. We have every reason to believe that BIPV is a promising technology in the days to come.”

Why Choose JinkoSolar BIPV?

1.  Architectural Design Element & Higher Efficiency

Inherent advantages of integration in module design. And higher-density cell arrangement can put more cells per unit area and N-type technology can achieve higher efficiency.

2.  Stronger Reliability & Safety

Dual glass structure guarantees lower crack and no diffusivity with better corrosion resistance and less risk in transportation. This, coupled with double layers of 6mm+6mm tempered glass with class A of fireproofing, leads to better wind load, heat resistance and frost resistance.

3.  Colorful Types

Diverse styles with rich colors, in line with modern architectural aesthetics.

4.  Urban Installation Friendly

Meet the requirements of building safety and can be used as a building unit for integrated installation.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Link to the list of JinkoSolar distributors in Africa HERE 


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