GE Renewable Energy Powers on with Big Battery in USA

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  • GE Renewable Energy has been selected by Convergent to supply a 100 MWh capacity big battery system for projects in California.
  • This is the largest single order for battery energy storage systems for GE Renewable Energy in the US.
  • This project will support local area reliability and provide fast response resources to help integrate growing renewable energy generation in California. 

GE Renewable Energy announced today that is has been selected by Convergent Energy + Power (Convergent) for the supply of battery energy storage systems for three projects in California for a total capacity of 100MWh. GE Renewable Energy’s scope of work includes a long-term service agreement and augmentation guarantees.

Frank Genova, COO and CFO of Convergent, said: “Convergent has a track-record of developing trailblazing energy storage assets that advance the energy storage sector; we’re proud to partner with GE Renewable Energy to provide for local area reliability and support the growth of renewable energy in California.”

The energy storage systems support two primary goals. First, they provide targeted local capacity to enhance grid reliability during peak periods. Second, as fast-acting stabilization devices, the battery energy storage systems can charge and discharge rapidly to regulate frequency and contribute to grid stability, helping to balance and facilitate the ever-growing penetration of variable renewable energy. Asset such as these will assist with making California’s state targets of 33% renewable energy penetration by 2020 and 100% by 2050 a reality.

Prakash Chandra, Renewable Hybrids CEO, GE Renewable Energy, said: “Energy Storage is going to be a major component in the energy transition to more renewable generation, and our collaboration with Convergent in California is a stepping stone in demonstrating the industry’s commitment to deliver more reliable and dispatchable renewable energy”.

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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