Eskom Defers Steam Generator Replacement at Koeberg Power Station Unit 2

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  • Unit 2 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station was shut down on 18 January 2022 for a regular refuelling and maintenance outage, the scope of which included the replacement of the 3 Steam Generators on the unit. Read more
  • After review with the main contractor, Framatome, there is a high likelihood of the unit being returned to the grid later than currently planned.
  • Eskom has therefore taken the decision to defer the Steam Generator Replacement (SGR) to the next outage on this unit, planned for August 2023.
  • Eskom made this announcement at a press briefing earlier today. 

Eskom explains that due to the potential severe impact of returning this unit later than June 2022 as initially planned, the decision has been made to defer the SGR to the next outage on this unit, planned for August 2023.  This is to avoid the risk of impacting electricity supply during the high demand winter period as the earlier return of Koeberg Unit 2 to service will assist in mitigating the risk of loadshedding.

One of six new 380-ton steam generators arrives at Koeberg nuclear power station in Cape Town for the plants life extension programme. Image credit: Eskom

Eskom emphasised that the deferral does not impact the safe operation of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant or on Eskom’s life extension plan for Koeberg, which requires the replacement of the steam generators on both units. “Based on the condition of the original steam generators on Unit 2, the deferral of the SGR modification does not impact the safe operation of Koeberg Unit 2, as the original steam generators undergo a full series of routine inspections and tests to ensure that their integrity is maintained for the next operating cycle,” the utility said.

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Eskom added that having undergone the regular maintenance refuelling outage, which is under way, Unit 2 of the Koeberg power station will therefore be returned to service during June 2022. “This is planned to help reduce the pressure on the rest of the generation capacity and to limit the impact of loadshedding during the winter period,” said the utility.

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The SGR project on Unit 1 will proceed as planned, starting in September 2022

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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