BEKA Schréder Supplies LED Lighting Solution for Alvi’s Drift New Wine Cellar

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  • BEKA Schréder has supplied the LED lighting solution for Alvi’s Drift new wine cellar located in  Scherpenheuwel, about 20km south of Worcester in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

The Alvi’s Drift award-winning wine cellar, where modern and traditional production techniques are applied, was established in 1928. BEKA Schréder has supplied the comprehensive, South-African designed and manufactured LED lighting solution for Alvi’s Drift’s new wine cellar. The luminaires have been chosen for their versatility, high performance and energy efficiency.

Inside the building

The ECOBAY and BEKARONDO have been installed inside the building. The ECOBAY is a lowbay and highbay lighting range with a high return on investment. The ECOBAY offers substantial energy savings, high performance and is able to operate at high ambient temperatures. Available with a selection of lumen packages and various light distributions, the ECOBAY is perfectly suited for multiple indoor lighting applications.

The BEKARONDO downlights create a beautiful lighting effect on the walls. Image credit: BEKA Schréder

The BEKARONDO is a circular aluminium reflector LED downlight that drives performance and efficiency. The classic look that never ages allows various indoor applications to come alive and provides significant flexibility in the design and installation. The BEKARONDO is the ideal solution to enhance any building and to provide lighting for standard and higher mounting heights, depending on your needs. High-quality materials are used to ensure a best-in-class specification and peace-of-mind after installation. This, together with the long lifetime of the LEDs and an easy installation procedure, makes the BEKARONDO the downlighter of choice.

Outside the building

The beautiful architecture of the exterior of the building is being accented with the LEDDUO uplighter. The LEDDUO combines energy efficiency with a sleek and sturdy design. Designed for exterior and interior lighting, the LEDDUO range offers two models – one square and one round – for a flawless integration into the architecture. It is characterised by a refined design, a robust construction and an efficient LED engine. Suitable for architectural and ambiance lighting, the LEDDUO provides versatile solution.

The LEDDUO provides beautiful accent lighting on the exterior of the new Alvi’s Drift wine cellar. Image credit: BEKA Schréder

At the entrance to the building, the QVAL provides general area lighting. The QVAL is a decorative, high-performance and reliable LED bulkhead which outperforms all conventional wall mounted bulkhead luminaires by providing a bright and long-lasting light. The design ensures a discreet integration without compromising on performance. The QVAL delivers a strong white light with a high colour rendering index to ensure perfect visibility and comfort at all times. The luminaire emits a pleasant light due to the highly efficient white reflector. The indirect reflector design has been specifically developed to not only provide glare-free lighting, but also a high-performing light distribution. Thanks to the QVAL’s high optical performance and strong mechanical design, it can achieve substantial energy and maintenance cost savings.

BEKA Schréder develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with DM Consulting Engineers Cape, in collaboration with Malherbe Rust Architects and consultC Engineering, in providing an energy-efficient LED lighting solution for this beautiful project.

For further enquiries, contact Daniël Claassen at 021 510 8900 or

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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