Astronergy has upgraded its flagship 460W residential solar panel with greener features

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  • Astronergy has upgraded its residential ASTRO N7s solar panel with less redundant designs, which sets their product apart in the residential solar market due to their high power of 460W, high conversion efficiency of 23%, and much more environmentally friendly in materials use.

Since the first launch in June 2023, the outstanding performance of the ASTRO N7s n-type TOPCon residential solar panels has won great reputations thanks to its greater performances in markets’ residential products, and greener features of less silver paste and less harmful materials. Earlier this year, Astronergy shipped the first over 43MW ASTRO N7s products to the EU Market, and more orders are under the manufacturing process.

With the independently developed TOPCon 4.0 solar cell technology as the basis, Astronergy insists on its design core to be less harmful to the environment, but be beneficial for residential scenario use during the new upgrade.

In the less than 2 square meter panel, Astronergy removes all harpoon-like grid lines at the corners of each solar cell, enabling the product to be in high aesthetics of brilliant black appearance while using over 20% less silver paste in manufacturing.

What’s more, due to the lower process temperature, lower lead use, and zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) during the ZBB-TF manufacturing process of the N7s products, Astronergy enabled the products with greater performance while protecting our planet, highlighting the product’s eco-friendly feature.

Looking at the whole picture, with 460W power out and 23% conversion efficiency, newly upgraded greener and higher-aesthetics ASTRO N7s products could generate 20 to 45W greener power than other same-size PERC and TOPCon products, making the carbon emission recovery cycle of the product could be shortened by about 26%.

Acting as a responsible enterprise, Astronergy is striving to let more residents enjoy greener power and make home-use products lower carbon first. In the future, greener products like the ASTRO N7s with green soul are expected for more scenarios. With the eye on the world energy transition process leading to a carbon neutrality future, products should be designed like the N7s with green soul and future hope.

Astronergy high quality solar panels are readily available on the African continent through an extensive distributor network. For enquiries on the African continent please contact Kevin Robinson:

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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