André de Ruyter to face SCOPA committee again

  • The South African parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) has announced that it plans to call former Eskom GCE, Mr André de Ruyter, back to face the committee.
  • De Ruyter appeared before SCOPA last month to substantiate the allegations he has made regarding corruption, theft, maladministration, sabotage, lack of consequence management, cartels and other financial irregularities at Eskom. 
  • He was expected to name the high ranking ministers implicated in mafia style looting at Eskoms’ fleet of coal power stations in Mpumalanga. 
  • Despite being pressed, he failed to do so. 

In a broad-sweeping interview with journalist Annika Larsen on eTV in February, De Ruyter said that the ruling party, the ANC, is involved in widespread corruption and political interference at the country’s state owned power utility. It mentions that a certain high ranking minister was directly involved without naming the person. He was released from his position with immediate effect a day after giving the interview.

In the interview, De Ruyter explained that the ANC was more interested in short-term political gains than long-term sustainability for the country. “They want what will win them the next election – not what will keep the country going for the next two decades,” said De Ruyter. De Ruyter also said that fixing and turning Eskom around is not feasible. Read more

De Ruyter cited his personal security apprehensions having already experienced an attempt on his life when drinking coffee laced with cyanide at his office at Eskom. He stated that he has concerns of litigation against him and he may be seen as defeating the ends of justice by disclosing the names of people or a crime that is subject to a criminal investigation. He directed SCOPA to the appropriate offices of government responsible for investigation all the allegations.

De Ruyter also recently released a book entitled ‘Truth to Power’ where he candidly refects on his three years at the power utility.

The people of South Africa continue face up to 10 hours of loadshedding (blackouts) daily because of poor planning, incompetent management, corruption, theft, looting and sabotage at the state owned and state-run energy utility, EskomRead more

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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