Advanced Training for Serious Solar Installers

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  • Solar installers seeking to up their game and service offerings are encouraged to look at the specialised and advanced training options from GREEN Solar Academy

The best PV system is only as good as its connections – be it cables or screws. The specialised PV Mounter training focuses on getting the details right and building PV systems made to last. This practical training is ideal for those whose theory is spot-on but who need more hands-on practice of solar installation. Starting with nothing but a wiring chart and material list, participants work in small groups to plan and execute the installation together, up to commissioning and testing of the system.

The training includes instruction on preparing the site, tools and equipment, on-site safety, selecting the best approach for different roof types, wiring of PV systems, commissioning and programming of inverters.

The 2-day PV Mounter training is on offer at the Johannesburg and Cape Town academies using purpose-built low training roofs that emulate real-world conditions. The training is accredited by the DGS (the German Solar Energy Society). There is no prerequisite to entry for this training.

For those who have set their sights on commercial and industrial clients, the advanced Solar Power Designer Commercial equips attendees to design and supervise the construction sites, and commission, commercial PV systems up to 1 MWp. The main focus of this classroom-based training is on the technical skills: how to determine the size of a system, how to size the system, what components are common and recommended, existing laws and regulations and how to use software including PV*SOL premium to size commercial size systems.

The course is consciously put together considering important outcomes and modern teaching methods. The course focuses on practical examples and exercises to ensure maximum retention of the learning material. Image credit: GREENSolar Academy

The course is accredited by ECSA and the SAIEE and you are awarded 3 CPD credits.

No matter how optimal your system design, clients (specifically in the C&I space) simply cannot give the green light if you cannot prove the financial viability of the system for them on a case-by-case basis. So get the tools you need to understand and inform your clients.

The Financing of PV systems course is a 1-day deep dive into understanding the metrics involved in calculating the financial viability of PV solar. Forget simple ROI – we’re talking Payback periods, Internal rate of return (IRR), Net present value (NPV), Cash flow analysis, levelised costs of electricity (LCOE). You will be introduced to different financing options, discuss tax advantages for businesses, and receive insights into what the banks look for when approving finance for a PV solar system. Finally, we look at case studies that highlight the successful financing of PV projects in South Africa.

Participants will need to have pre-knowledge of solar PV before attending either of the above trainings.

GREEN Solar Academy has been training solar professionals in South Africa for 10 Years and all their trainers are active professionals in their area of expertise. Do you need guidance on selecting the best training for your level of knowledge and skill? Visit the GREEN website ( or contact GREEN on +27 (0) 10 312 6724 or

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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