20GW of JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo Panel Pre-Sold

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As a result, Tiger Neo topped the new model rankings in the first half of the year. Given the fact that the Tiger Neo launch began in mid-November 2021, which is around 10 months ago, this works out to an average of around 2GW orders per month.

Since its entry into the market last November, Tiger Neo has performed outstandingly well, securing 20GW orders in less than nine months. Most of these panels are sold in Europe, China, Latin America, MENA, and exports are now on the road to multiplying rapidly as production has steadily ramped up. JinkoSolar has now tasked itself with continuing the production ramp up at its newly built n-type factories in Hefei, Jianshan, Shangrao, etc.

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Despite the polysilicon crisis faced by manufacturers, N-type TOPCon panels continue to gain strong traction owing to the arrival of revolutionary models such as JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo. Projects with a large offering of n-type solutions have been less impacted by the crisis of polysilicon, as they continue to take advantage of the features available with n-type panels. In contrast, both the efficiency limit and the growing severity of the degradation have caused PERCs market share to plummet. Some analysts predicted: “If the trend continues, the market could soon be where more than half of the panels sold are N-type.” It seems that the company’s goal to reach 30% and 50% market share of N-type by 2023 and 2024 is now achievable. Tiger Neo is proving N-type to be a success which will soon replace PERC to become the new “standard”.

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Dany Qian, Vice President of JinkoSolar said: “This year, the industry has responded well to the n-type transition, the growing popularity of Tiger Neo is encouraging, sales are strong to offset a big rising of the raw material cost seen across the entire supply chain.” Year-to-date, JinkoSolar continued to outperform in comparison to other brands which is partially explained by the strong performance of Tiger Neo. Dany added: “Shifts of this magnitude are not rare, pretty similar to that of p-PERC replacing poly a few years ago, in addition to JinkoSolar, a number of other top manufacturers have also enhanced their offerings with more n-TOPCon modules”.

Jinko Solar continues to lead the PV industry as it has been recognized as a Top Performer in PV Evolution Labs’ 2022 PV Module Reliability Scorecard. Since 2014, Jinko Solar has been rated a Top Performer eight consecutive times, making it one of only two module manufacturers to accomplish this feat. Jinko Solar’s extensive R&D capabilities and dedication to module excellence have contributed greatly to this success

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