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  • The solar industry has been on a slow and steady incline in Zimbabwe, despite the recent setback created by hyperinflation.
  • GREEN Solar Academy and its partner Sunergy are eager to catalyse this growth and help the solar industry in Zimbabwe to get back on its feet.
  • To that end the academy is offering solar training in the form of our SuperSolarSchool course, to help educate and equip solar enthusiasts and create a strong and reliable solar industry.

GREEN Solar Academy has been operating in the field of solar training for many years. With 10 academy branches around Africa, we are excited at how we have contributed to the growth of the solar industry in countries around Africa through these academies and the different projects we are involved in.

“We are proud to say that GREEN Solar Academy Zimbabwe is now offering this world class training, the SuperSolarSchool, in Harare. Our trainers are ready and excited to begin training up potential solar installers and in turn help grow a reliable and professional solar industry in Zimbabwe.” – GREEN Solar Academy

Hands on training at the SuperSolarSchool in Zimbabwe. Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

GREEN and Sunergy have been partners in the solar training industry since 2016 when the solar market in Zimbabwe was in its infancy. And while we had to put pause on our training for a short while, we are eager to get the courses up and running again and become an integral part of the growth and development of the solar industry and the country itself.

The course is conducted over 5 days and provides comprehensive training to participants, giving them everything they need to know about solar PV. In the 5 days of training, we set a strong focus on practical application and spend an entire day gaining experience installing on site. Participants will learn about electrotechnical basics and functionality of PV systems, how to correctly install systems according to national and international standards. The participants will leave understanding planning, design, and management of a project as well as sizing the system, including the battery pack, according to the client’s requirements.

Participants fuse connections at SuperSolarSchool.Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

The SuperSolarSchool is a great course because it allows you to take your first steps as a solar installer in an industry that is sorely needed around the world. Especially in the energy strapped countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe, solar energy is primed to become a prime source of energy due to its accessibility. The solar industry also continued to grow even during the pandemic year of 2020. The solar industry provided alternative employment for many who lost their jobs and many of those who have become solar installers will never go back.

But completing a course does not end there. After participating in one of our courses participants will be able to join the alumni network and utilise it to help grow their business, answer questions, and assist in finding their way through the growing solar industry in Zimbabwe.

We leave you with the top three tips for Zimbabwe solar installers from Sunergy:

  • Do the training,
  • Keep on refreshing oneself with the training,
  • Utilize the alumni network for questions one might have. This also offers the opportunity to interact with people who have experience in solar installation.

Course: SuperSolarSchool

  • Duration and times: 5 days, Mon 9:00 AM – Fri 5:00 PM
  • Date: 5-9 July 2021
  • Location: Harare
  • Price: R12 500 excl. VAT

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