Wiring for PV Systems 1-day advanced training course

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  • The GREENSolar Academy is offering a training course for solar installers in South Africa providing an understand SANS10142-1 and other regulations and how they apply to PV installations in practice.
  • Participants will work on real installations and practice compliance under.
  • This course is recomended for certified electricians.

In this 1-day course, the focus lies on understanding the legislation that is applicable for PV installations, especially SANS 10142-1, and what is necessary to comply. The usually dry topic is made interesting and comprehensible by not just reading from the guidelines but applying it to real-life installations.

Target Audience

  • Certified electricians
  • Advanced solar installers who want to be able to advise electricians and check compliance

Disclaimer: Only certified electricians are allowed to work on DB boards. GREEN desires to share knowledge with everyone but legal restrictions apply and attending such a training does not enable non-certified persons to carry out any tasks that exceed their qualification.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to scope of the course and overview of relevant standards for PV installations
  • Analysis of best practice examples incl. earth loops, bonding, trunking, DC and AC protection
  • Exercise on wiring for a grid-connected PV system with storage
  • Practical installation of a compliant PV system
  • Commissioning procedures and testing (string voltage and polarity, insulation resistance, bonding resistance, earth-neutral test, anti-islanding test)


This is an advanced course and a very specialised topic. Participants should have either an electrical background (certified electricians, electrical engineers with practical experience) or be solar installers with site experience.

Upcoming dates in Johannesburg are 18 April and 25 May.

Cost is R3 950 ex VAT pp.

Register online: https://solar-training.org/events/65-wiring-for-pv-systems/region-ZA/

It is advisable to do GREEN’s comprehensive 5-day SuperSolarSchool course prior to doing this training, to gain a general overview of PV installations.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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