Why was Mozambique Excluded From Biden’s Climate Change Summit?

  • José Langa, from the Environmental Observatory for Climate Change, is surprised that Mozambique was excluded from the global climate summit hosted by U.S. president Joe Biden.
  • Those most affected should be part of the debate, the environmentalist argues.

More than 40 heads of states and world leaders participate in the Leaders’ Summit on Climate convened by President of the United States, Joe Biden, which started off yesterday (Thursday, 22-04) and ends today.

Environmental activists in several countries accuse the great powers of inaction in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, at a time when the consequences of climate change are already noticeable in many countries, such as Mozambique.

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According to the Global Climate Risk Index, published annually by the non-governmental organization (NGO) GermanWatch, Mozambique ranks first on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change, after being affected in 2019 (last year analysed) by cyclones Idai and Kenneth, which claimed about 700 lives.

Next Sunday (25-04) marks two years since the passage of Cyclone Kenneth. The country is also currently at risk of being hit by Cyclone Jobo, which would mainly affect the province of Cabo Delgado.

Those most affected should be heard

Langa says it is strange that Mozambique was excluded from the summit.

“It is sad, because it seems that our appeals, the appeals of those who are most affected, do not reach those who have the power. It would have been interesting if we, as the most affected, had been part of this debate,” he says.

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The activist argues that the time has come for the most powerful countries to consider those populations most vulnerable to climate change.

“We are not going to stop asking for help in relation to climate change, for investment in scientific studies that show how much we are suffering, but mainly [recognition of]the neglect of those who cause this issue of climate change,” Langa says.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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