Why hansgrohe is Your Only Choice

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  • The Hansgrohe brand has grown over its illustrious over-a-century-long career to represent many things to many people.
  • For some, it is a German sanitary-fittings powerhouse, bringing glory to the country for its many achievements.
  • For others, it is an ecological flagship, constantly questioning the environment and our role as consumers within it.
  • For others still, Hansgrohe represents the beauty of continuous, industrious innovation.


It begins with trust. From the heart of the Black Forest to the shelves of Sandton, products with the Hansgrohe name are trusted to be of exceptional quality; safe, robust and sustainable. With a 15-year warranty in South Africa, Hansgrohe technicians are on constant standby to provide the good people of the country with top-tier expertise whenever it is needed.


With more than 550 awards to their name, Hansgrohe have been claiming a podium finish for a very long time. Currently ranked 6th on iF, Hansgrohe also boasts prizes from the notable Design+ and Reddot for multiple products and innovations.

Sustainable Futures

One of Hansgrohe’s greatest commitments is to the future. With constant innovations taking place behind the scenes (wherever it is the Hansgrohe brains get together to think), Hansgrohe has provided the 21st century with a number of reputable evolutionary products.

EcoSmart – the water saving feature on most new products – has taken the world by storm. Industry-standard products come in at 9l/m flow rates for most taps and mixers. Hansgrohe cuts that to 5l/m in all EcoSmart products; generously saving on water, energy and ultimately: cost.

AirPower – a technology which fills the water with air bubbles – is another innovation which has changed the entire game. The aerated bubbles result in plumper, softer droplets for your showering pleasure, but with a far lower water requirement. No change to result, but a big change to wastage.

Select the clock on/click off button – is one more example of understanding the user experience. The Select button embodies Hansgrohe’s commitment to understanding, and fulfilling, the needs of the customer.


 While shower heads, taps and basins are all par for the course, Hansgrohe often plays more than golf. One of the major current developments (not available in SA) is RainTunes – a fully immersive shower experience, replete with music, images, lights and scents to compliment your shower experience.

Another major development (not yet available in SA) is Pontos – a unique little attachment which goes onto your water supply and indicates whether there are leaks or problems with your supply. It can stop you using too much water, and is automated to cut off supply if there is a purported leak or flood.

More well-known innovations are their multiple spray types; PowderRain, RainFlow, RainAir and so on. Once again on the side of the customer, Hansgrohe have developed spray types to suit the individual and their preferred shower experience.

The whole package

It is no surprise that Hansgrohe products dominate the market in the way that they do. They are constantly challenging the norm, raising the bar, setting the standard; constantly pushing themselves to craft better products, so the world can become a better place.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!


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