When it Comes to Bathrooms; There can be Only One

  • Over one hundred years ago, production started in the original Hansgrohe factory –  a small site in the heart of the Black Forest.
  • Since then, the sanitary fittings manufacturer has taken its mandate to heart: to bring something new and unique to the world of ablutions.
  • Hansgrohe has fulfilled their ongoing mandate time and again, producing workmanship which is second-to-none (according to certain Awards bodies).
Showers Galore

The German powerhouse still maintains that its spray lab is “dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect shower,” which is why innovation continues to thrive after winning more than 550 design awards. Hansgrohe has enough accolades to prove its worth on any podium in the world.

Hansgrohe sports enough options in its bathroom-ware to satisfy an almost unlimited number of combinations, catering for the perfect experience for any home owner. With range options which include the Raindance, Croma, Crometta, PureVida and Rainfinity, you can rest assured that there is something just for you.

 Jets Galore

 Spray types were probably a sector that most people thought had reached its zenith with the spigot tap. Fortunately Hansgrohe refused to stop there, and offers jet types like RainAir, Rain and Whirl.

Rain stream

RainAir is a relaxing shower, enriched with air inside the shower head. This gives the water a soft and plump feeling, enveloping your body in tender water globules and engendering a smooth sense of well-being. Much like a soft summer rain, this is an experience that transcends the functional.

Rain, like the name suggests, is a powerful rain jet that features an invigorating burst of freshness for the entire body. Ideal for rinsing out shampoo, this jet type is perfect for a stimulating start to the day! It also helps you recharge when you’re tired.

Whirl is a swirling massage spray that feels as good as it sounds. Helping you wash away your stress each day, this jet relieves tension in your neck and shoulders with a rotating helix nozzle. Treat yourself to a spa-like therapy without leaving the comfort of your home.


Of course, Hansgrohe didn’t stop there. Amidst its full range are jets such as RainStream, CaresseAir, IntenseRain, Massage, Mono, TurboRain, Rainflow, Mix and SoftRain. For the shower connoisseur, variety is truly the spice of life – or at least the spice of sanitary fittings. These different showers will help you come to life in the morning, awakening your senses and keeping you fresh for the day from head to toe.

Caresse Air

Can’t go wrong

At the end of the day Hansgrohe is committed to giving you a pleasurable bathroom experience. Moreover, there is little doubt – based on feedback and international recognition – that you will find any fault with products from such an incredible brand.

All Hansgrohe shower options are available with eco-smart technology. Save water and energy at the same time.

hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design!

Visit the Hansgrohe Showroom in Johannesburg to see the all the shower options in action. 

Find a Hansgrohe Retail Store near you . Hansgrohe is present in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.

Plumbers have no comebacks when they fit hansgrohe tap and shower mixers with EcoSmart technology.

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