Webinar: PVSYST Test Reveals TOPCon has 4.5% Higher Performance Yield Than PERC?

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  • A PVSYST test under the same environment and equal conditions found that Topcon had a 4.5% higher performance yield than Perc.
  • What does this mean for your project’s IRR?
  • The webinar takes place next week Thursday, 2nd June 2022 at 2pm CAT (Central African Time). Register HERE 
Find out at this upcoming webinar:

Bryan Groenendaal – solar PV project developer and digital publisher.

Mr Titus Koech, Head of Technical Services at JinkoSolar







Learn about the degradation improvements plus increase temperature performance with TOPCon modules. All this means is lower levelized cost of energy for your project and most importantly for your customer.

JinkoSolar has set a new world record with the maximum solar conversion efficiency of 25.7% for its large-size monocrystalline silicon TOPCon solar cell. This result has been independently confirmed by the National Institute of Metrology, China.

Find out how JinkoSolar’s new Tiger Neo TOPCon range can benefit your C&I and utility scale projects.

I will be asking Mr Titus Koech, Head of Technical Services at JinkoSolar for sub-saharan Africa, the hard questions plus there will be a Q&A session.

The webinar takes place next week Thursday, 2nd June 2022 at 2pm. 

The webinar is design for solar installers. EPC’s and IPP’s. It will also benefit solar project procurement managers. The webinar will answer all the questions you have on the new N-Type TOPCon technology in order for you to benefit from higher returns on your C&I and utility scale projects.

Do not miss it! Register HERE – it takes 10 seconds.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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