Webinar: How to Design Solar Mini Grid Systems in Rural Africa

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Jinko Solar Webinar

  • This exciting webinar will discuss how best to design the solar array, the energy storage system (BESS) and the distribution of power of off grid, mini-grid systems on the African continent. 
  • This webinar is for solar installers, IPP’s, EPC’s and solar mini-grid investors operating on the African continent or those who are interested in entering the solar PV mini-grid market in Africa. 
  • The webinar also encourages NGO’s and public sector officials who are involved in rural solar mini-grid development, to also attend. 
  • The presentation and Q&A session will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to make your mini-grid project a success plus give you the opportunity to speak to industry experts who have direct experience  in the sector. 
  • The webinar, convened by Bryan Groenendaal, will take place on the 21st July 2022 at 14H00 CAT (central African time). 
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The webinar will feature a presentation by Mr Titus Koech, Head of Technical at JinkoSolar Southern Africa. A discussion will then follow with Gabriel Réchard, Sales Manager – Sub-Saharan Africa, Elum Energy and Christiaan Carstens, Sales Manager – Southern Africa, Elum Energy. Both have direct, on the ground experience with solar minigrid project devlopment and implimentation in various countries on the African continent. The webinar will also feature a technical Q&A session which will give you an opportunity to submit your questions at the three speakers.

Mr Titus Koech, Head of Technical Services at JinkoSolar for sub-saharan Africa

Christiaan Carstens, Sales Manager – Southern Africa, Elum Energy

Gabriel Réchard, Sales Manager – Sub-Saharan Africa







JinkoSolar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world in terms of cumulative global shipments boasting accolades for the highest quality and performance. JinkoSolar also offers different Energy Storage System solutions for different application scenarios, helping to improve the power supply structure in Africa.

The Jinko C&I Energy Storage System is designed for community mini-grids which can be customised according to needs on the ground. The system integrates battery, PCS, DC/DC, switch cabinet, fire-fighting equipment, air-conditioner, EMS and etc. The high integration reduces the complex process of the project design, selection and related installation cost.

JinkoSolar promotes DC coupling topology to propose energy storage solution, which is more efficient, less solar curtailment and less installation and system design cost.

Elum Energy is an energy and automation company that supplies monitoring and control solutions for solar standard & hybrid energy systems. Their energy management systems (ePowerControl) are turn-key, plug & play, brand-agnostic, and suitable for solar power generation facilities coupled with diesel generators and/or energy storage. Elum also provides a SCADA platform (cloud based ePowerMonitor or local with ePowerControl SCADA) designed for Asset Managers and O&M teams to report and improve the performance of energy sites through data intelligence. Elum Energy currently has over 500 sites in more that 40 countries equipped with Elum’s solutions. 

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Jinko Solar Webinar


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