Vivo Energy to Power Mali Gold Mine With Solar Hybrid System

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  • Vivo Energy, the company that markets and distributes Shell and Engen-branded fuels and lubricants in Africa and Robex Resources Inc., the Canadian mining company, which operates the Nampala mine in Mali, has today announced an agreement for Vivo Energy to supply solar power to the Nampala mine for a period of between five and 15 years.
  • The hybrid production and supply project, includes a 3.9 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant and a 2.6 MWh battery.

Commenting on the transaction, Christian Chammas, CEO Vivo Energy said: “This project with Robex Resources is Vivo Energy’s first contract with one of our commercial customers to provide fuel, joined with a hybrid solar energy solution. We believe the benefits of our innovative partnership of bringing a total energy solution to our commercial customers are many and we look forward to expanding our offering to our present and future customer base to help reduce their costs and CO2 emissions.”

Vivo Energy Mali has supplied fuels and lubricants to the Nampala mine since it reached commercial production in 2017, and Robex Resources is a key customer of Vivo Energy in Mali.

Vivo Energy and Robex Resources are both committed to increasing energy efficiency at the Nampala mine, and have decided to enter into a partnership to produce and store solar energy on site. This hybrid production and supply project, includes a 3.9 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant and a 2.6 MWh battery which, through the energy management system, will be fully integrated with the mine’s existing thermal power plant to ensure a continuous supply of power to the mine at all times and at a lower cost.

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Benjamin Cohen, CEO Robex Resources said: “We are proud to introduce solar power into our mining business. This energy will allow us to reduce our carbon impact by around 60,000 tonnes over ten years, to have an additional source of energy to stabilize our electricity production and to reduce our production costs, which are already among the lower in the world. It is expected that this installation will reduce the current cost of mine activities by $ 0.04 per kilowatt.”

Khadidiatou Fall, the new Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mali added: “I am very excited to launch this ground-breaking project for us. Our mining customers are always looking for ways to reduce their operational costs and increase their sustainability. Through this hybrid solar / fuel solution we are helping them achieve both.”

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