Uganda: Commission testing Successful at 600MW Karuma Hydro Project

  • The first tests on the intake, radial and spillway gates, as well as some turbines at the 600MW Karuma hydropower project in Uganda have been completed successfully.
  • The power station is located at Karuma Fallson the Victoria Nile
  • Construction of the hydro dam commenced in August 2013.

“The first tests on the key equipment of the facility started at the end of July and ended last month. With the tests having been confirmed, the project now stands at 95% completion status,” said Mr. Li Ji, the deputy manager of Sinohydro Corporation Ltd.

Final works activity 

Workers on site are busy doing the final touches such as removing debris, plastering and painting walls, housing the caverns and generator units while others cast concrete on access roads inside the tunnel.

Works on the outgoing line yard and switch-yard (GIS) as well as the transmission lines (Karuma-Lira and Karuma-Kawanda) are all 100% complete. Installation of Karuma-Olwiyo line is currently 98% complete, according to the contractor.

All the civil works inside the powerhouse, dam’s intake and outfall concrete works are fully complete as well, except for the ecological ladder.

The Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) said that construction of the fish ladder (a non-over flow section) is yet to be fully complete but in good course. This section will be enabling fish and other aquatic life in the dam to move freely upstream to feed and reproduce.

A team of Ugandan engineers is at the moment being trained to manage the project so that upon its commissioning, they will have the know how to take on responsibilities of operations and maintenance.

Author: GBA News Desk

Source: UEGCL


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