TotalEnergies announces soaring profits – at what cost?

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  • Oil giant Total has announced staggering first quarter profits of 6.5 billion to shareholders. 
  • The oil giant is responsible for some of the most destructive fossil fuel projects on the planet, including the controversial East African Crude Oil Pipeline and fracking across Vaca Muerta, Argentina.
  • This announcement shines a spotlight on the moral bankruptcy and danger posed by oil majors – these corporations are ruthlessly profiteering off war in Ukraine, at a time when tens of millions of people are currently suffering from the combined impacts of the climate crisis and the cost of living scandal.

Despite European governments calling for an end to fossil fuel expansion in the global South and the International Energy Agency demanding an end to new fossil fuel investments, Total is currently leading a dash for gas in Africa, recently securing billion dollar deals in Algeria and South Africa to extract and burn more fossil fuels from the continent. Total’s planned operations will be devastating for people and the planet – their actions will benefit a handful of wealthy shareholders at huge cost to local communities and the climate.

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Construction camp at Afungi LNG site now abandoned, in Northern Mozambique. Image credit: TotalEnergies

Zaki Mamdoo Coordinator of Stop EACOP:  Campaign Against the (East African Crude Oil Pipeline

“It is vital that we stop the flow of money to reckless fossil fuel companies like Total. TotalEnergies is truly heartless in its relentless profiteering on the African continent. The firm’s ever-growing profit margins are generated at the expense of our communities, the natural world, and an exploited African workforce. One of Total’s biggest projects on the continent, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), gives credence to this fact. Even before its construction, scores of project-affected persons and frontline activists have been made to endure violence, intimidation, forced removals, unfair compensatory processes, the desecration of cultural sites, and the loss of land and other income generating streams. The world is awakening to the realities of this damaging project and we are certain that it can be stopped if we stop the flow of finance to Total. As local and global momentum grows in opposition to EACOP, It is vital that we stop the flow of money to reckless fossil fuel companies like Total. We are appealing to all financial institutions to publicly distance themselves from this project and from all of Total’s destruction.”

Clémence Dubois, Global Campaigner at

“TotalEnergies, the worst French multinational corporation in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, plans to use record profits to develop new oil and gas projects. This is unacceptable, as we are facing unprecedented heatwaves, fires, and flooding worldwide, while millions of households struggle with the cost of living crisis. The company’s upcoming AGM is a chance for them to celebrate their profits, but they should be prepared to face resistance from movements in France committed to blocking it as long as they continue their destructive path.

It is crucial that politicians and decision-makers do not allow the fossil fuel industry to dictate the economic and political agenda for their own benefit. They must seize those billions to transition to affordable clean energy, warm homes, and climate security for all.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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